Sunday, January 15, 2006


Written on Dec10 2005

It feels so numb
Cold eskimo thumb
It feels so numb
Like a ring
she looks through her hands
show me something in the sky
baby grabbing high
cloaked angel on the run

Crap, dribble, babbling numb fingers seek to find justice in time. stabbing gently on the keys, piecing together a new frontier to
explore. Imagine that, consequences without the permanence. Kinda like a retake, only it feels like a rewind. How does that happen,
suspended in a piece of blankness, can't even find an explanation. Foreign ideas flow through my mind, but they can't seem to find
their way to my fingers, let only my ...what... Uh, feels like a momentery relapse of reality. Crashing into the illusions of
the sense, impairing my perception of my surroundings, creating a new reality. Once of clouded judgment, numb thought, empowered
imagination and incredible passivness. All elements of something that I'm not quite sure.. or about. Anyhow, I still can't help
wondering, how I didn't notice her?

An encounter....

"Hello" , I said. "How are you Salene?"
That stare was more then enough as a reply. I should have known not to expect a verbal answer. I could feel her desire, fill my being with a passion, that would strike envy from the gods, yet I knew her intentions all to well. That once warm embrace, cherished cradle of love had a serpents toungue behind it.
"Where will it be then?"
She took a deep breath, briefly shutting her eyes as if to let her soul taste the fruit of life. A courageous move in the face of temptation.
"Iacta alea est... Upon this beach, here where your blood will confess its sins to the ocean. Here you will find your salvation"

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I thought I'd feel the rain
Comming out of yesterday

We won't be the same
Cavities melt away

I thought I'd forget the pain
self-indulgingparasitic weight

The blood drips away
The demons are approachin'
The gods look away
The angels are a dyin'

I thought I'd feel the rain
Dripping into today

My feet slip in the mud
Forget the sand and the blood.

Betrayed my humanity
With justified atrocity

The blood drips away
The demons are approachin'
The gods look away
The angels are a dyin'