Saturday, September 27, 2008

Once Upon a Time

A dark angel sleeps tonight.
The shade shrouds our holy knight.
Locked inside the armor deep
Is a taint barely skin-deep.
"Radiant soul come forth I command"
The voice is met with an echo of the land.
Whispers sailing across the wind
The reaper silences all who've sinned
Mute is the angel's breath tonight
Cold our angel wrought with frostbite
A few more footsteps a few more strides
Our hero mere moments away
Only a few more heartbeats will turn the tides
Alas the shroud thieves a breath
The angel fades onwards to grim death
"Nay, I am here. Leave not I plea"
Gently lifting the shrouds tight grip
Kissing angelic brow whispering softly
"My love for thy soul I promise thee"
Awoke a bright soul on this day
The light cast all ghastly cloaks
What the armor kept as pray
Our hero now provokes
Together as stars they will shine
A future with passion they evoke
Generations will speak of this tale
While they laugh, live and dine
But only two knew the true detail.
What fate misplaced can be found and replaced

It Was a Thought

This is where I write something clever.
But I just spent the night reading about Alexander
So how can one liners describe what is Great?
When one's mind is filled with grandiose weight.
Apparently I try and make things rhyme
While listening to the melody
Of rain splashing over time
I try and think of something divine.
But alas the words fly away
In a distant plain with no memory
Abandoned to my mindful cabaret
Sounds of my beating heart and trickles of rain
I gaze into your spell, lost am I again

Her Beauty is in Her Eyes

Her beauty is in her eyes.
Love, loss painted o'er her face.
Like the stars in the skies,
Shining stories of forgotten grace.

Her love is in her touch.
Passion strokes her hands do paint.
Weaving art as such
To leave you breathless and faint.

Her beauty is in her eyes.
This none can deny
No angels in heaven's skies
Compare to the beauty in her eyes.