Monday, December 12, 2005


I see a woman standing next to a crown.
Her hand tightly clasped upon her chest.
She stares down the line straight to me,
She says there's a message waiting for thee.
Tell the people that the angel is near.
Tell the people that soon they will fear.
Next time the crow flies into town.

A sword with no end to it's thirst.
Piercing into a young babe's breast.
The air is tainted with putrid sulfur,
Loki is hidden in a celestial shelter.
Our cries, our pains, a source of laughter.
No tears will purge this disaster.
Her hilt is painted with their first.

I see a man sitting on a throne.
His chair glitters with love and fire.
He trembles and stares impatiently.
Broken speech mumbles "and so consequently"
Then we were layed into silence.
We commit this body to the sea
Left floating in thy ocean all alone.

I see a man and a woman next to a crown.
They dance, they laugh and never frown.
Blasphemy is heard all around.
Fear the next time a crow flies into town.

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