Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The moon bathed you in light.
Instilling peace that night.
Bless the hours I'm in your arms.
Caught up in bliss,
And swept away.
Whisper one word,
And I'd be here to stay.
All of this from heaven's kiss.

My greatest fear in life,
My soul stabbed with your knife.
Tears rolling down my cheeks.
Fallen from grace
I'll take a knee
Patiently waiting
You'll humble me
All of this from heaven's kiss.

The moon bathed you that night,
Caressed by the angel's sight.
Oh I know our time is nigh.
Swept up in a fire,
Fuels desire.
Caught in a spell,
Cast fear away.
Lay me down to rest in your sea.
All from your kiss

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