Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Well, I went overboard and spent about $65 on making my own launch control kit. I started out by using a doorbell as what completes the circuit. However, I went with a light switch :P I'd post the schematics, but its basically like wiring up a light switch and a light-bulb. My power source is a cheap wal-mart utility battery. Looking forward to launching that E engine! Bastard engine cost me 15$!! So it better be good! If I had more time, I'd get in to mixing my own propellant. But I'd probably blow myself up and horribly disfigure my body with scars! So I'll stick to buying ... For now ;) Perhaps I'll befriend more weapon tech ppl - and get the scoop on cheap chemicals - MWAHAHAHA

Anyhow, I'm fixing up the chutes for the "Mad Pirate", Got a bigger chute for the payload, to compensate for the added weight. If this works as well as I hope, I'll be building a 2-stage rocket. :) Hopefully I'll be launching on Thursday or Friday.

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