Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yes yes! I know I know.. car pics!! they are coming I SWEAR they are :D Unfortunately I can't find my damned USB cable. It has mysteriously floated away into never never land! Oh, and the microwave oven rant is on its way. Still in draft form. Keep in mind people that I'm still doing mad homework and thus sometimes just can't be bothered with the bells and whistles.
Anyhow, while bored with digging up citations for a paper, I decided to be one of those google search geeks. What I found was quite interesting. Here's a snapshot!

I found it very inspiring! I mean other then the searches for "Does Canada have a constitution", I thought overall the searches were quite intelligent. The searches for culture and identity tingled my curiosity bone!! It brought me back to this 2nd year sociology class I took on Canuck culture. Anyhow.... it would just be rambles from now on.. so voila! A google screen-capture :P

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