Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Whoever they have as writers, need to be fired! Season 1 was good. The characters were still in development, you can tell that they hadn't quite figured out their target audience. Even though many of the episodes were predictable, they still managed to squeeze in some good cliffhangers. Here is my rant about the crap in Season 2.

1. When Laura K Hamilton can write a better screenplay, there's a problem!!
2. They follow the formula, 'cause Season 1 didn't hit predicted ratings, Season 2 has more sex.
3. The Sookie character has been demoted to two emotive stances a) on her back /w legs in air b) the aloof look on her face -> see point #2
4. If you lack the ability to properly write a philosophical or social critique in your script, don't try! 'Cause those of us that do, will simply laugh at you....alot!! Moore did it well, but he also ended up becoming enemies with Paramount -> take note!
5. If you are going to try and write a horror television drama, then draw upon some of the masters - not the losers! Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Aleister Crowley, -> They knew how to scare people with words! Hitchcock knew how to do it on film. Shakespeare has all the basic plots spelled out for you in simple formula! Following the crap from Sex in the City, Gray's Anatomy and Days of our Lives and you'll hit your target audience, but alienate the cult following the pays to show up at things like Comic-Con or Dragon-Con. True... you might end up scoring with some of the followers of Buffy. But at least that show didn't try and take itself seriously or make any attempts at tackling social or philosophical issues. It knew what it was, pure teenage entertainment - and that's what it delivered; teenage over-the-top drama, relationship triangles with demons and vampires. Therefore, the show was entertaining!

True Blood is in a state of an identity crisis. This is bad, as you'll lose continuity in your story. Look at the Dexter series. You can tell when the writers no longer had books to base the drama. However, it did not lose continuity and maintained the growth of the characters and the main idea of the drama throughout the seasons. True Blood, in my lowly estimation, is failing.

-- update --
A few of my friends and a family member have pointed out that the True Blood novels far exceed the television puke we are currently subjecting ourselves thanks to HBO.

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