Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I wish I could be somebody different
'Cause then I could be there lying next to you
I wish I could make another wish
I'd reverse a decade and change how all those cards were played

Now I trip over misty emotions
A wire guarding relics of scattered illusions
I prick my brain
And let trickle all that I bleed in vain

I wish i could be a moment
Lost in something that I never really knew
I wish I could be a fish
To swim past all the strings that have been frayed.

Knocking at my door
Is a heart pumping shivers in ice cold veins
I learned this from her lore
Separate dissociate coldness at the reins

I should be relieved
I learned to fill this hollow with a coldness then conceived
The last piece that I needed
To behave as I am needed harsh relentless unrelieved

I should thank you for this gift
The last token to cross this human rift
My dissected heart now bleeds
Watering life into the creature of your seeds

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